Not since the introduction of prepainted steel has there been such an innovation for Australian home owners. NextSTAR™, brought to you by Nexteel™, utilises the most up to date colour technology which results in better colour performance for longer.

Only NextSTAR™ gives you 27 new colours to choose from. Ask to see the full Australis range. We boast the largest series of whites, offering the best solar absorptance; a range of 16 greys to suit every nuance you need.

If you need to colour match, we’ve got those as well.

But for new roofs, sheds, fences, walls, gutters – whatever your needs, turn to NextSTAR™ for a far superior result.

Ask the friendly team here at 3MP about the longer warranties — lasts 10 years longer than COLORBOND® and now offers an exclusive 10 year residential watertight installation guarantee (if purchased and installed through us). 

Look better, for longer. Your home is your largest investment; we get it and we’ve got you covered.

Australis Series

NEXT3016 Nexteel Full Colour Range Swatch- NEXTSTAR AUSTRALIS

To visit the Nexteel website, click here.

By clicking here you can find out more information and order sample swatches for all ranges supported by 3MP.

Matt Finish Series

For those who are looking for a matt finish, NextSTAR™ has you covered there as well. Matt Finish brings a little bit of sophistication and drama to colours. You could use this for a feature wall; anything’s possible with NextSTAR™. And, as with all NextSTAR™ product, you’ll be enjoying the longer warranties — that 10 year longer lasting performance. Your home is a big investment; choose once and for all with NextSTAR™.
NextSTAR Matt Series

Pastel Series

It’s as exciting as it sounds. 3MP are very proud to be among the first to embrace what will be an enduring range. Pastel pre-painted steel can be used for feature walls, to accent hero colours. And available in superior NextSTAR™ pre painted steel – you’ve got good looks and good performance for years to come.
Pastel Series

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Find out more about warranty lengths and types before your final selection. By clicking here, you will also be able to utilise the bespoke specifying tool, designed for project and building designers.